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Review of White Mythology + Interview With Yrs Truly


Tom Bowden of BookBeat’s “I Arrogantly Recommend” column has just reviewed my novel White Mythology, plus interviewed me about it. You can read that (plus reviews of the most recent books by Helen DeWitt and Róbert Gál and others) by clicking on the following link: The BackRoom: I Arrogantly Reccommend by Tom Bowden

i arrogantly recommend… by Tom Bowden

White Mythology: A Novel by W.D. Clarke

Out today from corona\samizdat and available from their website

Synopsis: Dr. Ed’s head is spinning: a long-lost ‘son’ has just been sent over to his office by the temp agency, his shopping-addicted wife seems to have disappeared, and the clinical trial that he is running for a revolutionary new anti-depressant might well be going off the rails. But we needn’t worry about Dr. Ed: he is in control of everything, including himself.

Thus begins Skinner Boxed, the first of two thematically linked novellas that comprise White Mythology. In the second piece, Love’s Alchemy, five narrators deliver stories of betrayal that are nested like Russian dolls, stories that link an attempted seduction in Tokyo in 1987 to a brotherly schism that erupts during a bottle rocket game of ‘war’ in 1970s Massachusetts. From boys who poison their teacher’s plants to men who compulsively urinate into rivers, these strange (and strangely connected) monologues drop the reader into the pitch-black dunk tank of the soul.”

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She Sang to Them, She Sang—a novel by W.D. Clarke—out now!

She Sang to Them She Sang

My second novel, She Sang to Them She Sang, is now available direct from corona\samizdat, an innovative small press based in Slovenia, and which focuses on publishing exploratory fiction from the present as well as on re-publishing neglected but essential avant-garde novels from the past.

Small presses lose whatever slim margins they have to the likes of Amazon and Shopify, so these are being sold via PayPal by contacting Rickharsch(at)gmail(dot)com, or if you are in Canada and lack PayPal, you may simply contact me and arrange an electronic transfer and I’ll do that legwork for you. Description follows below, and more on She Sang to Them, She Sang ‘s home page!

She Sang to Them, She Sang

Katie, Jo, and Manny have got the deal of their lifetimes finally in their sights, but nowhere is it written in the Family Home Inspection Kit to triple-check the stories they tell themselves—about issues overlooked, upkeep not kept up, or damage concealed; about how more than finances flow from one generation to the next; about veiled motivations for entering into relationships of a contractual nature (be they fiduciary, informal, or solemnized); finally, about the real origins of these……