My second novel, She Sang to Them She Sang, is now available direct from corona\samizdat, an innovative small press based in Slovenia, and which focuses on publishing exploratory fiction from the present as well as on re-publishing neglected but essential avant-garde novels from the past.

Small presses lose whatever slim margins they have to the likes of Amazon and Shopify, so these are being sold via PayPal by contacting Rickharsch(at)gmail(dot)com, or if you are in Canada and lack PayPal, you may simply contact me and arrange an electronic transfer and I’ll do that legwork for you. Description follows below, and more on She Sang to Them, She Sang ‘s home page!

She Sang to Them, She Sang

Katie, Jo, and Manny have got the deal of their lifetimes finally in their sights, but nowhere is it written in the Family Home Inspection Kit to triple-check the stories they tell themselves—about issues overlooked, upkeep not kept up, or damage……